Fabric Loader

The Fabric Loader is a modern, open source, free, and lightweight mod loader for Minecraft since version 1.14. If you use Forge, vanilla, or OptiFine on a day-to-day basis when playing on 1.14+, I would recommend checking out Fabric.

This is a reference page for links with guides that I have made for Fabric.

It's worth noting that I believe the future is mostly going to be in Quilt modding. However, as it has not yet released, I am going to leave my guides as referencing Fabric instead of Quilt. These guides are meant to be used by everyone, and it would alienate a lot of people by jumping the gun.

Resources written by me

Installing Fabric Mods
Maximizing Performance with Fabric
Updated Fabric Mods for 1.17.1
Why you shouldn't use OptiFine

Resources written by others

Minecraft Forge vs Fabric, which should you use? by me4502

First published: 2021-01-05 | Last updated: 2021-12-17