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What is this site?

Honestly? Not sure. I use it mostly for sharing information I've amassed over my time here on the interblag. Why? Well, why not?

On the technical level, this site is hosted by Vercel and powered by Docc, a theme for Gridsome using Vue & TailwindCSS. For the longest time this was just plain HTML & CSS, but for whatever reason I decided to start using this on 2021-05-09 (the superior date format).

This site is back to the old-school raw HTML & CSS, as of 2021-05-23 (still the superior date format).

This website has previously been licensed under varying licenses, including the CC0-1.0, Unlicense, GFDL-1.3-only, and MIT. This website is now licensed under the CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0.

Whatever's posted on here is ordered in chronological order, with the exception of this very page. If I remember to do it, each page will have a 'First published' and 'Last modified' date near the bottom, but if it doesn't, you can just check the Git log.


I go by the aliases of Emmaffle and wafflecoffee online.

If you find anything wrong with this website, use the email [email protected]

I also have Discord if you prefer that; Emmaffle#1787 is my handle.

I've also a GitHub account, a Mastodon, and a Steam account, as well as five Minecraft accounts: wafflecoffee, DiamondBreakfast, GoldenBreakfast, IronBreakfast, and Emmaffle.

First published: 2021-05-09 | Last updated: 2021-05-23