Stuff I've Done

I've done a number of things on the Internet. Here's a brief summary of some of the important stuff.

Community Moderation

One of my favourite things to do is assist in keeping various communities safe through moderation roles. These are mostly Discord-centric. Some of the notable communities I help moderate include QuiltMC, Modrinth, and Fabulously Optimized.

File Moderation

Additionally, I am a file moderator for Modrinth. This involves a vigorous review process for new project submissions as well as handling inbound reports for projects, users, or files.

Blogs, Wikis, and Documentation

I like contributing to blogs, wikis, and documentation. Some of the specifics in this field involve my membership as a Contribution Team member of Empire Minecraft, a lovely Minecraft server on which I've played for over four years now. The Contribution Team helps keep the EMC Wiki up-to-date, relevant, and standardised. I've even spearheaded a couple initiatives on the EMC wiki, including namely the updating of all old textures from pre-1.14 to 1.16+.

EMC's C-Team also writes blog posts for the EMC Blog, including What’s New in the Minecraft 1.16 “Nether Update” and Minecraft for Hoarders: Optimizing Minecraft chest sorting.

Modrinth also has a blog, on which I've published a few posts. We also have a documentation site, which I've contributed a few things to.

Random dabbling in some code

I'm not awfully great at making code, but I sometimes contribute to other Java projects, specifically surrounding Fabric/Quilt Minecraft modding. Notable projects which I maintain (none of which were my original idea) may be found on my Modrinth page. My GitHub profile is mostly dedicated to MC modding and peripheral projects thereof, so feel free to check there for the latest updates.

I've even contributed a few minor changes to the Modrinth frontend, which can be found here. I also do quality assurance and bug hunting for Modrinth, and will work closely with the developers on that front.

First published: 2021-05-23 | Last updated: 2021-12-17