Stuff I've Done

I've done a number of things on the Internet, including written pieces, code stuff, etc.

Empire Minecraft

I am a player of a bit over 4 years on a wonderful Minecraft server called Empire Minecraft. I am a member of the Contribution Team of EMC, where I help keep the EMC Wiki up-to-date, relevant, and standardised. (An example of this standardisation is my spearheading of the update of all Custom Item renders from pre-1.14 textures to 1.16).
I also write blog posts for the EMC Blog, only one of which has been published: What’s New in the Minecraft 1.16 “Nether Update”.


I am a person of many hats at Modrinth, a FOSS modding platform similar to that of CurseForge, but far better (totally not biased). I do some level of quality assurance by ensuring issues with the software powering Modrinth are documented for the developers to remediate.
I've also submitted a couple minor changes to the website itself, which can be found here.

Blog posts thereof

Additionally, I've written several blog posts for Modrinth's blog. A list of my posts can be found here.

Minecraft Mods

I've done a bit of work on helping others with Minecraft Fabric mod developing, as well as having made a number of my own. My GitHub profile is mostly dedicated to this and peripheral projects thereof, so feel free to check there for the latest updates.

I also do stuff on the marketing side of Fabric (not officially; as a user). See the Fabric page for more info on my guides.

Discord Moderation

I moderate a number of Discords for several different communities. These include, but are not limited to, Modrinth, Fabulously Optimized, and Consistency Plus.

First published: 2021-05-23 | Last updated: 2021-10-16